Thursday, June 11, 2015

Joey's sweet 18th birthday

My grandniece Joey is 18th and she is a Hello Kitty fan so I made a cake using chocolate buttercake and Oreo butte rcake. Lemon cupcake with white and pink frosty whip cream. Hello kitty macaron with rasberry cream cheese filings.


Hello Kitty Cake
I used Oreo buttercake and sil's chocolate buttercake for the cake base and cover with fondant. Hello Kitty is hand made by hb.

Thanks lazymine at KC forum for sharing the recipe and I have make some changes to the recipe:

Oreo Buttercake
250g Butter
180g Sugar
4 eggs
250g Plain Flour
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp vanilla essence
6 tbsp milk
200g Oreo cookies (clear the cream)
1) In a mixer, beat the butter and sugar till white and fluffy
2) Add in egg one a time, alternate with the sifted flour and baking powder
3) Add vanilla essence, milk and oreo cookies into it and stir slightly
4) Pour into 8 inch baking pan and bake at 180 degree for 45min

Chocolate buttercake (Pls refer to my previous post)

Hello Kitty Macarons
I learned from my instructor Crystal Kuek, it is a Italian Macarons recipe.

Group 1  - Ground almond 50g
                  Ground Hazelnut 50g (I used all 100g almond)
                  Icing sugar 100g
                  Egg white 37g 

Group 2  - Egg White 37g
                 Caster sugar 10g

Group 3 -  Caster sugar 100g
                  Water 33g

1) Mix all group 1 ingredient except egg white first with a spoon.  Then add in egg white to form a paste.  Cover and put aside.
2) In a pot, place group 3 together and heat it under low/med heat.  Do not stir the syrup while heating.  With a thermometer, measure the temp of the syrup when it is boiling and once it has reaches 110 degree, begin to whisk up group 2.  At the same time, lower the temp of the syrup.
3) Using a whisk, whisk up the egg white till foamy and add in sugar and mix lightly.  Whisking must be fast as the sugar syrup is still cooking at this process.
4) When the sugar syrup reach 118 degree, pour the hot syrup carefully into group 2 using low speed.  When all syrup has been added in, increase the speed to max high speed and whisk till meringue has cooled down.
5) Gradually fold half of the meringue into group 1 mixture, then fold in another half.  Ensure all the mixture is well folded.
6) Fill the batter into piping bag with nozzle 2A and pipe onto paper lined baking tray.  Pipe a round circle then use tooth pick to pull the ears.  Bake it at 130 degree for 20 min.
7) After bake and when it cool down, use edible marker to draw the eyes and nose.

Note: for about 10 min, feet will form, if no, then have to adjust temp higher. 

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